Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
University of Oregon School of Law
Eugene, Oregon
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2008 PIELC Panels

Thursday, March 6
Afternoon Panels • 3:45 – 5:00 P.M.
Forests & Climate Change: Myths and Realities
Public Trust: Tapping the Potential of the Common Law Trust
Creating Sustainable Food Systems for Institutions: New Tools and Perspectives
Community Based Fishery Management in Oregon

Friday, March 7
EARLY MORNING PANELS • 9:00 – 10:15 A.M.
Combining Litigation and Grassroots Organizing in the Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Mining
Profiling Intrusions on Community Action Groups, Activists and Citizens
CWA Litigation in a Post-Rapanos World
A More Sustainable Farm Bill in 2008?
Water, Conflict, and Global Warming
Wilderness Law, Policy, and Updates
Show Me the Money: Economic Analysis and Critical Habitat Designation
The Legacy Roads Remediation Initiative and What it Means for the USFS Establishing Marine Reserves to Sustain Oregon’s Coastal Legacy
Industrial Hemp: A Fiber Alternative to Trees
Perspectives on Collaboration: What Have We Learned? How Can We Do it Better?
Climate Change + Environmental Justice = Climate Justice

LATE MORNING PANELS • 10:30 – 11:45 A.M.
Culvert Case: Implications for the Future
Energy Development Above All Else: An Update from the Front Lines in the Intermountain West
Global Warming Policy: Global to Local/Local to Global
Follow the Yellowcake Road: Updates on the Uranium Mining and Milling Boom
Natural Capital: Preparing for Adaptation to Global Warming
Building a Sustainable Future: Payments for Ecosystem Services
Environmental Crimes in the New Millennium
Demanding Cleaner Air: Tactics to Obtain and Enforce Effective State Implementation Plans
Leading Issues in Forest Service and BLM Travel Management Planning
National Forest Issues and Litigation: A Nationwide Perspective

Indigenous Sacred Estates: Protecting the Climate at Home
Land Use, Energy Depletion, and Climate Change: Opportunities for Action
Solving the Energy Crisis: Are We Making the Right Policy Decisions?
Pacific Northwest Old Growth Protection and Forest Restoration Legislation
Bends in the River: New Developments in Clean Water Act Policy and Litigation
Tribal Wilderness Land and Conservation Easements
Western Oregon Plan Revision
Scorched Earth: Firefighters Confront Global Warming in the Age of Megafires
Discarding the Definition of Solid Waste
Managing the Floodwaters: Innovations in Stormwater and Wastewater Treatment
Questioning Tomorrow: The Green Anarchy Movement
Appropriate Recreation on Our Public Lands: What’s the Right Amount and When is Enough Enough?
Fact-finding and Discovery in Environmental Litigation
ESA Section 9 Actions Against State Agencies Roundtable
Community Environmental Monitoring Advances and the Global Movement of Bucket Brigades
Water Conservation Transactions and Programs
Bulldozing the Backcountry
Responding to Government Sponsored Terrorism: the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
Building a Better Atmosphere: Legislative & Agency Responses to Global Warming
Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again
Air Pollution from Ships: Legal Strategies for a Global Problem
Sagebrush Sea Conservation and Restoration Act
Ripeness in Facial Rule Challenges and Site-Specific Actions
Student Involvement in Environmental Activism

Saturday, March 8
EARLY MORNING PANELS • 9:00 – 10:15 A.M.
Offshore Oil Exploration, Inupiat Eskimos and Environmental Justice
Biofuels: Critiquing the Craze
Practicing Public Interest Law in Private Practice
Putting Dole Foods on Trial: DBCP and Banana Plantations
Federal Legislation: Public Lands Issues in the 110th Congress
Severe Fire in Forests: A New Paradigm
Tragedy of the Commons Revisited
Challenges to Sustainable Aquaculture
Know Your Political Clients: Particular Issues in Representing Activists
CEQA Update
Public Citizens and “Barefoot Lawyering”; The Future of Environmental Protection?
Lawyering for Environmental Justice and Social Change

LATE MORNING PANELS • 10:30 – 11:45 A.M.
The Long Simmering Conflict Between the Indians and Enviros: The Makah Whaling Controversy and Other Flashpoints
LNG, Energy Corridors, and Corporate Politics: Legal Strategies for Resisting New Fossil Fuels
The Real Climate Debate: Cap & Trade or Carbon Fee
The Endangered Species Crisis and the Exotic Animal Industry
Reducing Our Carbon Footprint through Urban Gardening
Human Health Assessment in NEPA: Duty, Vision, and Collaboration
Got Manure? Keeping the Crap
NAFTA ’s Assault on Sacred Lands and the Environment
Making Good Administrative Records Through Public Comment Periods
Environmental Dispute Resolution Techniques: When and How they Work, and How You Can Apply Them
Clearcutting the Climate
Ecofeminism: What it is and Why it Matters

Native Environmental Justice
Exxon Valdez Legacy: A Case of Justice Denied & Opportunities to Restore Justice into the Legal System
Nuclear Resurgence: Global Climate Change and Nuclear Power
To Thin or Not to Thin
Bambi on the Run: Motorized Abuse of Wildlife
Protecting National Parks and Wilderness Areas from Coal-Fired Power Plant Emissions
Clean Water Act Year in Review
Lake Baikal 2008: Challenges and Opportunities for Siberia’s Sacred Sea
Human Rights, Environment, and Corporate Accountability
Water Rights as Public Rights – Prior Appropriation as if People Mattered
Land Use Law as a (Paying) Career to Protect the Environment

Tribes as Trustees: The Emerging Role in the Global Conservation Trust Movement
Climate Change and Land Use: Addressing Climate Change at the Local Level
Direct Action is Fun!
Livestock’s Long Shadow: The Environmental Consequences of Eating Meat
Challenging Big Coal: Tackling Coal Mines from Alaska to the Atlantic
Environmental Law Clinics: Views From the Inside
Connecting People Working Toward a Sustainable Future
Hide and CEQA: Inadequate Disclosure
Brownfields Revitalization, Gentrification, and Equitable Development
Vanishing Laws and Rising Walls
Litigating Post-Fire Logging

Sunday, March 9
EARLY MORNING PANELS • 9:00 – 10:15 A.M.
CAFO Grief: Using Tax Grieving Procedures to Protest CAFOs
Grassroots Resistance to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
The Forgotten Costs of Oil Industry in Alaska

Late Morning Panels • 10:30 – 11:45 A.M.
Natural Born Killers: The Government’s War on Top Carnivores (NEEDS TO BE RESCHEDULED FOR A DIFFERENT DAY)
After Winning in Court: Compliance with Judicial Orders in Environmental Cases in South Asia
Triple Crisis: Climate Change, Peak Oil, Resource Depletion
Rural Outreach


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